Use cases

Inspiration and examples of how customers can use Webhook tasks.

🎉 Announce new hires in Slack.

Want to socialize when you are kicking off an employee onboarding, offboarding, or vendor renewal/termination? Follow our Triggering Zapier guide for a practical walk through. You can use Zapier to invite newly onboarded employees to specific Slack channels too!

✉️ Send additional instructions to new hires via email.

Using Zapier as a middleman, send additional forms of emails to new hires to sign via DocuSign.

🎟️ Create tickets/tasks in service desks or support systems.

This can be really useful to bridge to existing processes and create tickets in other key business systems. Using Zapier as an intermediary you can use a webhook in Blissfully to:

  • Create tickets in JIRA, Zendesk, or Freshservice

  • Create and/or update tasks in Asana

  • Create cards or add onboarded employees to cards in Trello

👤 Automatically provision users into internal/external systems.

Either directly communicate to your internal APIs and/or bridge to external APIs, you can use Webhook tasks in Onboarding Workflows to trigger the creation of new users. Certain apps can be triggered via Zapier as well.

📫 Post new vendor information to an external asset tracker.

Record vendor approval workflow events in other systems, or even a partner's system.

📅 Add compliance events to an external calendar.

Using Zapier, you create new calendar events to record when certain actions were taken.

📣 Socialize new tools as they are adopted

Announce life-cycle events for vendors to the broader organization so folks can keep a pulse on the tech inventory changes.