Vendor Lifecycle

Getting started

Blissfully's vendor management workflows allow you to execute a defined process to approve, renew and terminate vendors. Ensure that key stakeholder across Operations, IT, Legal, Security and Finance are involved throughout the vendor lifecycle.

Blissfully has three vendor management templates available for customization in the Workflow Gallery:

  • Vendor Approval

  • Vendor Renewal

  • Vendor Termination

Customizing your workflow plans

To customize and edit your vendor management workflow plans, you can select the edit option next to each workflow type. Blissfully includes a set of default workflow tasks for each workflow plan based on best practices for vendor management. Each workflow plan can be edited to meet your organization's needs.

Default vendor approval tasks

For each workflow plan, you'll be able to add tasks that will need to be completed each time an employee is onboarded to that team. To add tasks to a workflow plan, click the "+ Add Task" button on the top right.

You'll be able to select from a few different types of tasks (click each task type for more details on configuration), including:

Using task blockers

Where needed, you can use the "Blocked by" feature for tasks to create dependencies if want your vendor management tasks to be completed in a specific order. For example, if you want to ensure that "Budget approval" happens before your "Contract review", you can configure the "Contract review" task to be "Blocked by" the "Budget approval" task. That way, "Contract review" will only be eligible to be completed once the "Budget approval" task is completed.

Tasks can be "Blocked by" any number of pre-requisites needed. Tasks that do not have any blockers are otherwise assumed to happen in parallel.