Provisioning tasks
Leverage Provisioning tasks in Blissfully to ensure that employees get access to the applications needed for their roles.


Onboarding workflows can include a Provisioning task to notify a task assignee to create an account/provision access to an application for the newly hired employee. Currently, Provisioning Tasks are only available to be included in your Blissfully teams' Onboarding plans.
Blissfully will also treat completed Provisioning tasks as another data source to confirm that an employee has access to an application (in addition to G Suite/other SSO data sources). Blissfully will update the application's user list with the employee accordingly as well as include the application on the employee's application list.

Adding a Provisioning task to a Plan

Directly adding a Provisioning task to a team's onboarding plan

Provisioning tasks can be directly added to an onboarding plan by clicking the "+ Add Task" button when viewing a team's onboarding plan
Once the "Add a new task" module appears, you can select "Provisioning task" on the left.

Assigning an App to a Team

Assigning an App to a Team will automatically create a default Provisioning task for the app on the Team's onboarding plan. Apps can be assigned to a team by:
Adding the app to the Team on the Apps tab of the Team Details Page
Assign teams to an App on the App Details page
Assign teams to an App on the Apps page
The default Provisioning task will assign the task to the App IT Admin role for provisioning.

Configuring a Provisioning task

All Provisioning tasks have a few configuration requirements:
  1. 1.
    Select App (Required)
  2. 2.
    Assigned to (Required) - simple tasks can be assigned to different named roles
    1. 1.
      App IT Admin - the person defined as the selected app's IT Admin on the Apps page or the app's Detail page Note: as a best practice Blissfully recommends assigning provisioning tasks to the App IT Admin role when appropriate
    2. 2.
      App Owner - the person defined as the selected app's Owner on the Apps page or the app's Detail page
    3. 3.
      Team Lead - the person set as the team lead for the current team's onboarding plan
    4. 4.
      Onboardee - the person being onboarded
    5. 5.
      IT Lead - the person defined as the IT Lead on Blissfully's General Settings page
    6. 6.
      Specific Person - a specific person at your organization
    7. 7.
      Specific Team - a specific team that is defined in Blissfully
    8. 8.
      Workflow Initiator - the Blissfully user who launches the onboarding workflow
  3. 3.
    Notes for instructions / additional details (Optional) - Can include details for permission settings and account configuration settings
  4. 4.
    Blockers (Optional) - you can set a task to be "blocked" by other tasks so that it can only be completed once its prerequisites are completed
  5. 5.
    Start after date (Optional) - you can set a task to start after and only become completable after a certain time
  6. 6.
    Due date (Optional) - you can set a task to be due by a certain number of days after the workflow launches or the employee's start date
The person/team assigned to a provisioning task will also be the task assignee for deprovisioning that application during offboarding

Provisioning task assignee

What happens if a provisioning task is accidentally assigned to a role that wasn't filled? For example, you may have a provisioning task for Slack that is assigned to the "IT Lead" role, but the IT Lead role may not have been assigned yet. Don't worry, Blissfully has you covered to ensure that no task goes unassigned!
In the event that a task assignee is not specified or if a role that is not assigned to a person is specified for a provisioning task, Blissfully will automatically assign the task assignee based on the following priority list subject to availability.
  1. 1.
    Provisioning task assignee
  2. 2.
    App IT Admin
  3. 3.
    App Owner
  4. 4.
    Team Lead
  5. 5.
    IT Lead
  6. 6.
    Workflow Initiator
In our Slack example, if the inputted assignee was the "IT Lead" role and the IT Lead was not set, Blissfully would:
  • Next assign the task to the IT Admin set for Slack
  • If the IT Admin was also not set, then Blissfully would assign the task to the App Owner set for Slack
  • If the App Owner for Slack was not set then Blissfully assign the task to the Team Lead set for the current onboarding plan's Team
  • If the Team Lead was also not set, Blissfully would default to the final role (skipping IT Lead again) and assign the task to the user who launched the onboarding workflow (the Workflow Initiator)
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