Understanding Workflows

Learn how tasks come together into workflows


Blissfully allows you to plan and execute repeatable processes easily with workflows. Workflows and the tasks that compose them come in a wide variety of options to suit a wide variety of business needs.
To learn more about specific workflows, head to the following pages:
To learn more about the different types of tasks in workflows, review the child pages of this section.


A workflow is a series of tasks related to a particular task or goal. For example, an onboarding workflow may have tasks to provision apps, order hardware, and fill out an employee profile.
Workflows also have general information that does not belong to any task. For example, an onboarding workflow has an onboardee, including the onboardee's email and teams.
Tasks have several fields like assigned to and due by. The exact fields available depend on the type of task. You can also comment on a task.

Creating, Viewing, and Editing

Workflows start out as templates, which you can view in Workflows > Gallery. From there, you can create a new workflow template or edit an existing one. (You can also launch a workflow from a workflow template, which we'll cover later.)
For most users, editing the built-in workflow templates covers most needs. Head to the relevant pages in this Workflows and Automations section to understand common customizations for different workflow templates.

Launching and Completing

To launch a workflow from a template, hit the Start button next to the chosen workflow.
Before you actually launch the workflow, you will have the option to edit this particular workflow (not the template). In this drafting stage, you may wish to edit task assignees, due dates, descriptions, etc.
Depending on the type of workflow, there may be several additional steps in drafting the workflow before launching. For example, onboarding workflows ask for information like the name and personal email of the onboardee.
If a workflow isn't coming out how you want from a template, or you no longer wish to launch the workflow, you can discard the draft.
Once you make any desired changes to the draft and fill in any requested information, you will launch the workflow. Anyone who has an assigned task in that workflow will receive an email notification alerting them to their new assignments.
As assignees complete their tasks, the completion percentage of the workflow will go up. Once all the tasks are complete, Blissfully will mark the workflow complete.
Workflows (as opposed to workflow templates) are available in Workflows > All Workflows. From the All Workflows page, use Blissfully's powerful filters to find workflows by status, type, launch date, and more.

For Employee Users

Any person at your company can receive a task. To access, review, and complete the task, they can log into their employee portal at The My Tasks page lists all workflow where they have at least one task open.
Employees are only able to see workflows where they have at least one task. Within a workflow, employees can see all workflow information (creation date, creator, etc) and any task where they are assigned.