Learn how Blissfully's workflows and automations power IT
Once you have your system of record in place, you'll want to coordinate changes to it. That's where Blissfully's workflows and automations come in.

Employee Lifecycle

Coordinate onboarding and offboarding work with Blissfully's powerful employee lifecycle workflows.

Vendor Lifecycle

Lock in a vendor approval and renewal processes that guarantees everyone's functionality, budgetary, and security needs are met. Make sure there are no loose ends by using a vendor termination process.

IT Automation

Automate tedious and error-prone onboarding and offboarding work. G Suite customers who have set up our G Suite Automation integration can provision new G Suite accounts and assign them to the proper OUs in onboarding, and automate the backup + deletion process in offboarding.
Need to trigger an outside tool? Our Okta integration allows you to assign tasks to Okta for completion. Use webhook tasks for any tool with an open API.

Advanced Workflow Logic

Capture your processes perfectly. Blissfully intelligently chooses provisioning and deprovisioning tasks based on context. Add custom tasks with complex functionality like surveys. For custom tasks, set blockers to prevent wasted work and ensure proper sign-off.


Coming soon: trigger workflows from outside sources with our API.