Set up offboarding workflow plans for every team
Blissfully's offboarding workflows ensure you and your colleagues can quickly and securely offboard a departing employee, leaving a paper trail for audit and compliance reviews. Automatically generated task lists help assure that you don't miss any loose ends, while powerful automations help close the loop by removing the need to also manage your offboarding in Google and Okta.
Blissfully recommends reviewing and configuring offboarding workflows after you have configured your onboarding workflows.


Blissfully's offboarding takes a number of different considerations into account to generate a tailored, per-employee task list. Flexible options give you total control over the timing, tasks, and automations involved. Starting an offboarding workflow brings you to a wizard that will intelligently draft the task list based on your configuration.

Basic Info

To begin configuring the workflow, search for the employee who will be leaving, then select both the date and time you would like to kickoff the workflow tasks that will be generated once your configuration is complete.

Google automations

If you have integrated with Google Workspace Automation, and the employee you are offboarding is detected as having an Google account, you can handle their Google deprovisioning directly through Blissfully.
Google Workspace automation tasks

Okta automations

If you have integrated with Okta, and the employee you are offboarding is detected as having an Okta account, you can handle typical Okta deprovision actions directly through Blissfully.


Blissfully intelligently chooses which deprovisioning tasks to create based on the employee's existing app relationships, and the wizard defaults to the most common options that we recommend.

Review & launch

Before launching the workflow, you will have a chance to review all of the automatically generated tasks. At this point can adjust existing tasks or add new tasks into the queue. Learn more about Workflows to get a better grasp of all available options.
Once you complete the wizard, you will see a draft with all the automation tasks, custom tasks, and app deprovisioning tasks Blissfully has deduced are necessary. Tasks that will be handled automatically by Blissfully will have a lightening bolt in the corner, and an AUTO tag in the task-detail pane.

Team-based plans

Blissfully recommends that you add offboarding tasks that mirror any manually-added onboarding tasks created for the team. For example, if you added an onboarding task to provide a new employee with an office key, you should also add an offboarding task to retrieve that key when they depart.


To begin configuring a team-specific plan, click the Edit button next to the Offboarding Workflow option in the Gallery. Next, select the team that you would like to configure.

Create tasks

Once the team has been selected you can begin to add tasks. Remember, Blissfully will automatically create deprovisioning and automation tasks based on the options you select after launching an offboarding, so there is no need to manually add those to your task list.
Common manual offboarding tasks physical actions that may be unique to your organization, such as handling office access control or sending a reminder to schedule an exit interview. Our workflow process is flexible enough to handle any task you may want to keep track of.
For more detail on configuring tasks, read our Understanding Workflows Knowledge Base article.
Last modified 3mo ago