Employee Lifecycle

Manage employee onboarding and offboarding with Blissfully

Getting started

Blissfully's employee lifecycle workflows ensure that all of the tasks required to onboard and offboard new employees are clearly assigned and completed. With Blissfully, new employees are up and running right away, and departing employees leave no loose ends that can turn into security and compliance issues.


To begin configuring your onboarding process in Blissfully, you'll need the following pieces of information:
  • Teams and members
  • Apps that are used by each team
  • Provisioners for apps
  • Other onboarding tasks that you want to track in Blissfully

Setting up your teams

Blissfully uses Teams as important organizing principle to group employees in the same department. Onboarding and offboarding will only work as intended if you have configured your teams as directed in our setup guide:

Setting up app IT admins

By default, all provisioning tasks that come with an onboarding plan are assigned to the app's IT admin. If there is no IT admin, the provisioning tasks will all be assigned to fallback roles or people who may not have the right access to complete the provisioning tasks.
Similar to above with teams, onboarding will only work as intended if you have configured your apps as directed in our setup guide:

Configuring and launching workflows

For details on each part of the employee lifecycle in Blissfully, check out its respective page below: