Subscription Management

One vendor, many subscriptions - track them all with Blissfully


Blissfully's system of record pulls in spend from a variety of locations, associating transactions with vendors and apps. When Blissfully detects recurring payments for the same vendor or app, it groups them together in a subscription.

View and Edit a Subscription

Subscriptions for a vendor or app live on the Spend tab of the app detail view, below the spend graph. "View by subscription" is the default way Blissfully groups transactions for a vendor or app.
Using the information from the system of record, Blissfully can pull out or impute information like the plan type, frequency of billing, and primary billing contact.
An automatically detected monthly subscription to Chargebee
See a subscription that's no longer active? Use the ... menu on the subscription to mark it inactive. You can also use that menu to archive a subscription, which will remove it from calculations like the spend graph.

Create a Subscription

For vendors and apps where the spend is not present in the system of record, you can create a subscription manually. Use the + New button (as shown above) to create a subscription. You'll need the following information:
  • Billing owner
  • Start date
  • Frequency
  • Subscription amount