Spend Reporting

Track spend by app, person, and team


Blissfully pulls in spend information from several sources:

  • Invoices detected in email and parsed

  • Integrations with accounting and finance tools

  • Connections with your bank and credit card

  • Uploaded CSVs of transactions

  • Manually created subscriptions

Once you have fed Blissfully the relevant spend data, you can view and understand it in a variety of new ways.

Blissfully does not pull in any revenue data - only spend.


Blissfully displays company-wide spend on a monthly basis, broken down by team, in two places:

  1. Dashboard, for a quick overview

  2. Reports, for more detailed analysis

Note that the graphs will not display the full range of information if you haven't configured your teams.

The Dashboard spend report
The Reports page, with default settings (spend by app on a monthly basis)

In the Reports view, you can change the reporting period from the default of monthly. You can also change the table below the graph to show a list of teams instead of a list of apps.

For a Team

Teams have their own Spend tab that provides the same breakdown as the Reports page's table does, as shown above. The table only shows apps directly assigned to the team; it does not include apps (and associated spend) from child teams.

Similarly, the boxes at the top of the page showing last 12 month spend and last month spend per person do not account for child teams.

For an App

The Apps table provides a quick view a spend, showing spend from the last month and the last twelve months (TTM). The table also shows which sources Blissfully has detected app spend from.

Detected sources for HubSpot: email parsing, QuickBooks, and bank/credit card

Additionally, every app has a Spend tab where Blissfully displays all detected transactions for an app. Blissfully will also infer subscriptions based on recurring charges and group transactions by subscription. Depending on the situation, Blissfully may even detect and display the primary billing contact.