Team Sync
Sync your teams from Google Workspace Organizational Units (OUs), Google Groups, BambooHR department, or Okta Groups.
Team sync settings can be found under manage integration.
When the sync is initially enabled, Blissfully will create a team for each group/unit. Here you can also unselect specific groups/units that you do not wish to sync and archive the generated team on the Team detail page.
Blissfully deploys one-way sync to pull in and therefore updates/changes completed inside Blissfully will not affect the information inside your integrations. The system runs full nightly sync to automatically load updated information.
If you'd like to initiate a manual re-sync before this time, please reach out to support.
Note, teams generated by sync are not automatically archived when the sync is disabled. Support is happy to assist if you need help bulk archiving a large number of teams.

Google Groups & OUs

Google-provided team hierarchies are automatically created on initial sync. We recommend that you review the Groups and OUs in Google Admin Console remove groups or units you are no longer using before enabling.
Keep in mind, OUs do not allow a user to be in multiple units.


Okta data model does not express organizational hierarchy. Blissfully will receive flat team stucture from the integration. However, you can organize and generate a hierarchy with teams manually created inside Blissfully.


By default, BambooHR team hierarchy is represented by Division > Department. Division as the parent team and Department as child teams.
Last modified 2mo ago