Team Details


The Apps tab shows which apps are assigned to a team.
It also allows you to mark apps as required in provisioning. Any app marked as required will be included by default when onboarding someone onto the team or a child team. Blissfully also uses this flag to determine the status of a person's relationship to an app, such as Optional or Needs Provisioning.


The Members tab shows all the members of the team.
If the team has any sub-teams, the Members tab can optionally show sub-team members. The Sub-teams column lists any sub-teams that team member is part of.


The Spend tab shows a table of all apps assigned to a team and their spend by month.


The Access tab shows a table of person-app relationship statuses. Hovering over the status icon displays the rationale of the status, with information drawn from sources like SSO, direct integrations, and Blissfully workflows.

Onboarding & Offboarding

Selecting Onboarding or Offboarding takes you to the respective workflow for that team.
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