Grouping People to reflect the structure of your organization.

Why Teams?

Blissfully's Teams feature allows you to help coordinate by grouping people & apps together, allowing you to:
  • Segment your spend
  • Organize your people
  • Define onboarding & offboarding strategies
  • Expose unexpected app access
  • Distribute Workflow tasks
  • Understand compliance through Access Matrices
  • Divide & conquer SaaS management

Segment your spend

Once your apps have been bucketed into Teams, Blissfully uses this information to allow for powerful sorting & filtering on the Reports page, allowing you to understand how your vendor relationships line up to your departments.

Organize your People

Similarly, at a glance, you'll be able to understand which People belong to which Teams as you navigate the various views in Blissfully.

Expose unexpected app access

Additionally, Blissfully can show on a per-person (or per-app) basis why someone should, or should not, have access to the various apps we've detected they are using. See the Access Status section for details.

Define onboarding & offboarding

Each Team can be configured with specific tasks that will be included in onboardings that place a Person into a Team, and in offboardings that remove a Person from a Team. These tasks may be app provisioning tasks, and may include more free-form manual tasks (such as getting access to the WiFi password, or purchasing a laptop).

Distribute Workflow tasks

Onboarding & offboarding Workflows take the Team-defined tasks, and mete them out to the appropriate people. Depending on your task configuration, this might assign tasks to the new employee, to your IT admin, to the lead of the Team, or to individual admins for the relevant apps. Blissfully will notify all parties, coordinate the effort, and follow up until the work is completed!
Lastly, tasks do more than just ensure the work to provision (and de-provision) apps get done, they also fundamentally inform & confirm Blissfully's understanding of who is using what, and form an audit trail, confirmed by real people, for your security & compliance needs.

Understand compliance through Access Matrices

Once Blissfully understands which Teams use which Apps, we can present a clear picture of who is properly provisioned into the various tools they need.
An Access Matrix

Divide & conquer SaaS management

Managing every app's every detail, across your entire organization, can be a daunting proposition - especially after being exposed to the true scale of the issue! Teams can help distribute the management workload.
We recommend setting a Team Lead for each Team, and inviting them to manage their Team's configuration & apps inside Blissfully. In this way, you can ensure a responsible party is managing the details for your critical apps.
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