Learn the various ways Blissfully serves as a system of record
At the core of Blissfully is the system of record composed from all the different data sources you connect and provide. Serving as a system of record allows Blissfully to provide the following functionality:

ITAM (IT Asset Management)

Track your software automatically with Blissfully's detection technology. Store metadata with built-in properties, or create your own.

Vendor Management

Keep centralized and detailed records on all your vendors: contracts, contact details, compliance status, and anything you wish to store via custom properties.

Reporting, Insights, and Alerts

Get a pulse on your graph. Reports provide overviews on finance and usage. Insights show you areas for further exploration. Alerts keep everyone in the loop on key events within Blissfully.

Integrations and Data

Connect directly with foundational tools. See what's happening with all of them in one place.


Anything you can do from the user interface, you can do from the API. Check out our documentation for details.
Last modified 1yr ago