License Management

Track licenses and their assigned seats


With Blissfully's foundation as a system of record containing data about people and apps, tracking licenses become a breeze compared to manual tracking by spreadsheet or jumping into the settings of every app.
An app can have one or more licenses. Within each license, there is at least one seat. Seats can be assigned to people.
For example, you may have a Pro and a Basic license for the same app at two different price points. The Pro license might have only three seats since it's expensive and unlocks capabilities only a few people need. The Basic license might allow twenty seats, being cheaper and the standard option for most people.
License management happens on the License tab of the app detail view. Blissfully provides manual license tracking for all apps. For apps with license integrations available, tracking is automatic.

Manual Tracking

You can create a license and assign seats manually for any app. Before you start, you'll want to know the number of seats available on that license. You may also want to record the license key(s).
On the Licenses tab of the app detail view, hit the "Create licenses" button and fill out the short form.
Once the license is created, you can assign seats to people using the "Assign" button. Alternatively, if you have a list of license-holders, you can hit the arrow next to "Assign" and upload a list of license assignments containing the emails of everyone you wish to assign a license to.
Manual license tracking for Avoma

Automatic Tracking

Apps with license integrations do the work for you. Here's what the license page looks like after you set up one such integration:
Automatic license tracking for Zoom
Note the Auto marker next to the license plan name - that's how you know the integration has populated the data.
Automatically tracked licenses can also alert you to underutilized licenses. In the image above, note the statuses below the "Create license" button: active, underutilized, and unassigned. Blissfully will mark assigned seats where the person has not used the tool in at least 30 days as underutilized. You will see an alert on the app's Overview tab if there are any underutilized licenses.