Plan and launch a series of tasks to coordinate work across the company
With workflows, compiling tasks and keeping proper records is a cinch.


Gallery is where all your workflow plans live. You can launch a workflow from a workflow plan by hitting Start.
You can edit a workflow plan as a Blissfully admin, by clicking the edit button and making your custom changes.
If none of the built-in workflow plans suit your needs, you can create a custom workflow plan by clicking "Create new plan" at the top-right of the screen.

All Workflows

A list of active workflows. Note the counter over the filter button indicating one filter is in use.
The All Workflows page shows all existing workflows in your organization.
The two default views are Active (where the workflow's status is "In progress") and Completed (where the workflow status is "Completed"). You can create a new view by changing the filtering on an existing view. You can then save the new view using the Save button that appears near the top.
You can also launch a new workflow using the "Start a workflow" button at the top-right.

My Tasks

The My Tasks view shows a list of workflows where you have at least one open task. Clicking on the workflow takes you to the workflow view, which shows all tasks in the workflow.
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