Understand your organization's G Suite security and permissions granted to other applications.
Blissfully's deep integration G Suite provides visibility into your employees G Suite accounts interactions with other applications. Understand how apps are being accessed, how permissions are being granted, and recent trends.


Authentications table
The Authentications table shows aggregate statistics on the different apps that have been accessed via G Suite's SSO by users across your organization. The table also shows the different types of permissions granted to each app. Click on each app to go to the App Details for more information on the users of each app.


Permissions table
The Permissions table provides a summary of the different G Suite permissions that have been granted to other applications. Understand the level of access granted to ensure that they are appropriate and in line with your organization's policies.


History table
The History table shows a time series of all G Suite permissions granted to other applications. Identify any security risks and impacted employees based on the information.
Interested in more details on the underlying data or for custom reports? Reach out to Blissfully via chat or at [email protected] to get started.
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