Analyze your SaaS spend across your apps and teams.
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Spend table

Understand SaaS spend across your organization with Blissfully's Spend table. Blissfully aggregates and organizes all the spend detected for each app used at your organization and displays it historically.

Customize the time view by selecting between a Monthly, Quarterly, Year, or custom view. Filter apps that are used by specific teams or apps that are currently not assigned to any team. Download the data as a csv file if needed.

Blissfully currently reflects spend on a cash basis as opposed to an accrual basis. Amounts shown for each period reflects actual spend in that period and does not prorate for any contract durations.

Allocate spend to teams

Spend Allocation

Apps that have been assigned to multiple teams can customize their cost allocation across those teams. Blissfully offers three cost allocation options:

  1. Team Size - Allocates costs based on the number of team members that are a part of each team. If a person is a multiple teams, allocation counts them as a fraction for each team they're a member of. Blissfully uses current team size so historical spend amounts may need to be adjusted.

  2. Team Usage - Allocates cost based on team member usage. Only team members that Blissfully has detected usage for will be included. Blissfully uses current team usage so historical spend amounts may need to be adjusted.

  3. Manual - Allocates cost based on a manually specified percentage across all teams. This option can be used to allocate the entire cost of an app to a specific team or based on a custom split.

Apps vs. Teams

Spend can be viewed by app as well as by team. Switch between the apps view and the teams by using the drop down menu on the top left. Spend by teams aggregates the spend of all apps assigned to each teams and reflects all spend allocation breakdowns.

Ensure that your spend by team is accurate by keeping your team members and apps updated for each team.