Control who has access to Blissfully, the data available to them, and the operations they can perform.
Invite all key users to Blissfully!

Blissfully is designed to be a resource for everyone in your organization, but those explicitly invited into application are granted greater control. As an Admin, you can control who has access to Blissfully, and in what capacity, by visiting the Users page.‚Äč

Roles & Privileges

We categorize everyone in your organization into one of the following roles:

  • Admin

  • Member

  • Employee


Admins have the most control over Blissfully, and are allowed to perform any operation. Chiefly, Admins are uniquely capable of:

  • Add/remove/modify invited users in Blissfully

  • Launch onboarding/offboarding workflows

  • Modify account settings

  • Manage account billing

Additionally, Admins can:

  • View/mange all data in Blissfully

  • Integrate external applications


Members are invited users of Blissfully that have access to view & manage all data in Blissfully, can define & launch workflows (excluding on/off boarding)


Employees have the most limited scope: they are allowed to view their own data (the apps they do use, could use, or are identified as a billing owner on). Employees do not have access to Blissfully's normal application; rather, they interface through a focused, limited Employee Portal.

Team Lead

Team leads are like Members with limited visibility. In particular, they are allowed to view & manage all data related to People and Apps that are part of their Team. They cannot however access the broader Blissfully data set, nor connect/disconnect integrations.