Learn about the information and insights available from the Dashboard.


Blissfully's Dashboard provides a quick summary of key SaaS management metrics across your organization and key action items requiring attention. Key items that are highlighted include:
Summary information
App Spend
Total number of paid/unpaid apps and aggregate SaaS spend over the past 12 months. By default, until you configure your teams, your dashboard spend will be divided into departments (based on how apps are catalogued in our SaaS Directory).
Total number of employees, contractors, and services based on your classification of G Suite accounts
Key insights on SaaS usage and spend across your organization:
  • New apps
  • New people
  • Duplicate subscriptions
  • Orphaned subscriptions
  • Vendor renewals
Invoices Found (Google integration, only)
On the dashboard view, this shows the total number of invoices detected in the past month and the percentage increase/decrease compared to the month before.
Once you click on that card, you'll be brought to a new page (app.blissfully.com/invoices) that shows a list of transactions across your entire account that have an invoice attached to them.
  • This list is sorted by date, with the most recent date at the top of the list.
  • This list includes invoices from all apps, as opposed to only viewing invoices in the Spend details tab of a specific app.
Unexpected Access
Like "Invoices Found" (see above), this card tells you how many instances of unexpected access you had to apps by people within your organization.
The card is clickable and, when clicked, brings you to a new page (app.blissfully.com/unexpected-access) that shows a list of every instance of unexpected access, organized alphabetically by Person.
For a complete understanding of how "Unexpected Access" is determined, please see our documentation explaining Blissfully's Team-Based Access Control model and the "unexpected access" flag.
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