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What's New

The What's New page is a direct look into our recently launched features, features on the short-term roadmap, and our early access (beta) features.
On the page, you have access to:
  • Release notes on all our features and improvements
  • Descriptions of all features in early access (which you can request via chat or email)
  • Cards representing features on our roadmap, which you can vote and comment on
Want something you can't find here? Hit the "Submit idea" button in the top-right corner and your idea will be sent directly to our product team for review!


Labs is the home for all early release features you currently have access to. By clicking "Try it" you'll be taken to the feature page.
Looking for a list of beta features to request access to? Take a look at the What's New page and head to the Beta tab.
Any feature in the Early Access section is available upon request. Just reach out to our support team, found at the three dots at the bottom left of the tool or reach out to your CSM.
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