Learn how to manage your apps and vendors from the Apps view.
Blissfully Apps

Apps table

The Apps page shows all of the apps Blissfully has detected that are used across your organization in a table view. Each row represents an app/vendor and all of its associated meta data. You can select between the App and Vendor view using the top left dropdown menu. Learn more about the difference between an app and a vendor.

As a default, the Apps table contains the following data columns for all apps:

  • App - App name

  • Team - Team(s) that have been assigned the app

  • Subscriptions - Number of active subscriptions detected

  • Users - Number of users detected

  • TTM (Trailing Twelve Months) - Total spend detected over past twelve months

  • Renews On - Renewal date entered by user

  • Next Billing - Date next bill is expected

  • Owner - Business owner of the app (i.e., individual responsible for decision to use app)

  • IT Owner - IT administrator for the app (i.e., individual responsible for provisioning/deprovisioning app)

  • Notes - User entered notes for the app

  • Data Sensitivity - Type of sensitive data stored by the app

  • GDPR - Status of the app's compliance with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

  • DPA - Status of the app's availability of a DPA (Data Processing Addendum)

  • EU Privacy Shield - Status of the app's compliance with the EU Privacy Shield

  • Procurement Status - Status of the app in the procurement process (None, Requested, In Review, Approved, Active, Deprecated, Disqualified)

  • Contract - Confirmation if a contract is in place with app/vendor

  • Security Assessment - Confirmation is a security assessment was completed with the app/vendor

Additional custom data columns can be created in General Settings.

Want to input/edit data for each app? Click on the pen icon on the right side of the Apps table.

Add an App

Looking to track an app that Blissfully hasn't identified for your organization? You can manually add an app by clicking "+App" on the top right of the Apps page. You can either add an app from Blissfully's app directory by searching for the app or add a custom app. Custom apps require a Name and an URL. Custom apps can be used to track non-SaaS vendors or internal apps.

Want to add an app that isn't currently in our directory? Feel free to drop us a note in the chat with the Name and URL of the app.

View App details

Each app in the Apps table can be selected to view more details. Click on the app's name to go to its dedicated page. Each app's page will have information on:

  • Overview information and metadata

  • Spend transactions and subscriptions

  • Users and access details

  • Licenses