Setting up apps

Detect all of the applications used across your organization.

App usage across your organization

The first critical step of managing all of the SaaS applications used across your organization is to identify and build a comprehensive list of them. Specifically two data components of each app are critical - spend and usage.

🔍 How Blissfully detects apps used across your organization

Blissfully uses several data sources and and integrations to detect app spend and usage across all of your employees. Blissfully recommends connecting multiple integrations to ensure maximum data coverage.

G Suite Email API

Blissfully leverages the G Suite Email API to detect invoices, bills, and subscription emails sent to users across your organization. Blissfully scans for specific billing emails from vendors within your organization's emails to identify app subscriptions, app spend and billing owners. Applications that do not send an email invoice or that have their invoice emails deleted will not be detected by Blissfully.

Blissfully also deliberately does not scan emails internal emails or any emails that are not sent from an external organization. As a result, Blissfully does not scan any emails that are sent to a Google Group at your organization. If a vendor's email are only sent to a Google Group at your organization, you may need to add an email account as a recipient for Blissfully to detect those email invoices.

Have a vendor's email invoice that Blissfully isn't detecting? Forward that email to for us to add to our detection.

G Suite SSO

Blissfully leverages data from G Suite SSO to identify applications that employees across your organization have access to. Blissfully can identify when an individual uses their G Suite SSO to log into an application and all of the associated account permissions the individual grants to that application. Blissfully cannot detect usage for applications that do not permit login via G Suite SSO or when users choose to not use G Suite SSO to log in (e.g., logging in via email and password).

Blissfully can on average identify 60-80% of an organization's apps through the G Suite integration (Email API and SSO).

Accounting & Finance Integrations

Blissfully can integrate with your accounting provider or your US bank or credit card account to detect additional app spend. Apps identified through financial integrations may not have a known billing owner or have known usage. Blissfully will only surface financial data related to app spend. Learn more about the different financial integrations Blissfully has available:

Single Sign-On Integrations

Blissfully can integrate with your Single Sign-On (SSO) provider to show app usage and access across your organization. Learn more about the different SSO integrations Blissfully has available:

License Management Integrations

Blissfully can directly integrate with select SaaS applications. Track and manage licenses and understand the utilization of each application within Blissfully. Learn more about the direct license integrations Blissfully has available:

Manual Entry and Custom Apps

In the event Blissfully is unable to detect an app automatically, an app can be manually added to your organization's list of applications. Blissfully can add and track internal applications that are provisioned to employees.