Set up Devices


Tracking your devices in a spreadsheet? Bring it all under the Blissfully roof with our manual device tracking tool.
You can track any device in Blissfully, not just computers. Check out devices to employees, giving them visibility into their assigned devices and giving you a history of where each device has been.


Custom Properties

Device tracking comes with a host of first-class properties to track, but also supports tracking custom properties (like with People and Apps).
After familiarizing yourself with the first-class properties by viewing the Devices page, head to Settings > General > Custom Properties > Device Properties. Add in any custom properties you care to track, in preparation for adding your devices.

Add Devices

Blissfully offers one-off adding and bulk uploading of devices. Both are available using the "Add device" button in the top-right, with bulk upload hidden with the dropdown arrow just to the right of the button text.
We recommend using bulk upload for speed and ease. The bulk uploader provides a CSV template and uses a wizard to guide you through the upload, matching columns to properties and catching potential issues.
Last modified 10mo ago