How Blissfully can help you
Learn about the different solutions Blissfully can offer to help you manage SaaS applications across your organization.
Given the fragmented ownership and usage of SaaS applications across an organization, challenges arise for different stakeholders (IT, Finance, HR, Compliance, Team Leads, Employees) when it comes to managing vendors and employees. Blissfully offers a streamlined platform for different stakeholders to collaborate to solve these problems, including:
  • Vendor Management
  • Spend Analysis
  • Employee Management
  • Security and Compliance

🏒 Vendor Management

The average mid-size company uses over 100 SaaS vendors. Managing approvals, renewals, and compliance for all of these vendors could be a full-time job. Blissfully makes it easy to manage everything related to those vendors, in one place.
View all of your vendors and applications in a centralized platform on Blissfully. Manage vendors across their lifecycle with Blissfully's vendor approval, renewal, and termination workflows. Track vendor subscriptions, invoices, licenses, users, contracts, and spend all within Blissfully.

πŸ’΅ Spend Analysis

Understanding the spend from all of your SaaS apps can get confusing with different billing owners, multiple subscriptions, and decentralized management. Blissfully aggregates and segments app spend data across your organization so you have a holistic view of your costs across your different teams.
View all of the subscriptions that Blissfully has identified across your apps and find opportunities to remove duplicates. Create and export Reports on your spend over time by app and by team. Allocate the cost of apps to specific teams and understand the cost of each team's software spend over time.

πŸ‘€ Employee Management

SaaS Management spans different stakeholders across an organization: IT, Finance, HR + People Ops, and Compliance. Blissfully offers a collaborative platform for organizations to manage the lifecycle of their employees from onboarding to offboarding.
Use Blissfully's workflows to securely manage your employees' onboarding and offboarding. Ensure that employees are provisioned and deprovisioned the appropriate applications by customizing each team's onboarding and offboarding plan. Manage requests for new vendors and other needs from employees through Blissfully's Request portal.

πŸ”’ Security and Compliance

Decentralized software management can introduce security and compliance risks to an organization. Blissfully can help address those challenges to ensure that your employees aren't putting the company at risk based on the applications they are using.
Prepare for audits and security reviews by viewing and exporting audit logs for all of your workflows in Blissfully. Review your employees' account permissions and applications accessed in Blissfully's Security pages. Understand the access employees have to applications across your organization.
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