Blissfully 101
Welcome to Blissfully! Learn about the challenges of SaaS management and how Blissfully helps address those issues.

Why do I need a SaaS Management platform?

The growth in usage of SaaS applications has expanded the number of applications organizations use and decentralized the software procurement process across teams and departments - resulting in challenges across organizations.
    Wasted/duplicate SaaS spend
    Slow employee onboarding
    Incomplete employee offboarding
    Unknown apps and ad hoc processes
    Security and compliance risks

What is Blissfully?

Blissfully is a platform that offers end-to-end SaaS management across your vendors and employees. Our goal is to help scaling companies manage the challenges resulting the proliferation of SaaS applications with a collaborative platform across different stakeholders including: IT, Finance, HR, Team Leads, and Employees.

Key Features in Blissfully

🔍 Automated detection and tracking

    See all of your SaaS apps, who's using them and how much you're spending on them

📈 Spend analysis and optimization

    Analyze current and historic spend across your apps and teams and eliminate wasted spend by identifying inactive accounts, extra licenses, and overlapping apps

👤 Comprehensive employee lifecycle management

    Quickly onboard new hires, provision and deprovision apps, and securely offboard former employees with a centralized collaborative platform for IT, HR, Team Leads, and Employees

🏢 Robust vendor management

    Replace your dreaded SaaS spreadsheet and use one platform to view invoices, manage new vendor approvals and renewals, and track compliance

🗂Compliance system of record

    Be prepared for your next audit - automatically create and maintain a provisioning record for all of your applications
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