Configure SSO

Set up Blissfully to authenticate members of your organization using your preferred Identity & Single Sign On provider
Blissfully comes out-of-the box with G Suite SSO - if you are satisfied with your organization logging in through G Suite... you're all set! 💪
Based on your preferred authentication strategy, Blissfully can be configured to use an Identity Provider's SSO capabilities.
Our login screen will ask a user whether to authenticate with G Suite, or alternatively, to enter their work email - in which case we will route them to the best authentication method for your account.
Our UI can guide you through the installation process, additionally, you can find vendor-specific SSO configuration instructions below:
Once you've configured SSO, and verified that it works as expected, you can optionally enforce the new provider as the only source of authentication. This is controlled from the same settings page you used to set up 3rd party SSO.