Use Blissfully's authentication tracking and audit logs to make security and compliance painless.
Blissfully customers have a wide range of security and compliance needs, including rigorous certifications like SOC2. Blissfully helps maintain security and compliance with the following features.


Monitor provisioning status of all apps your team is accessing, and understand license usage with direct integrations like Salesforce and Zoom.

Access Management

Maintain the principle of least access by spotting any unintended provisioning. Channel app access requests through a Blissfully app access workflow to guarantee the proper approvals and track that access utilizing the audit log feature.

Auditing and Evidence

Use Blissfully's robust audit log to keep track of actions occurring across your employee lifecycle and vendor management process. You're able to find audit logs for each individual app, each individual person, as well as each team. You may also view those actions combined, by utilizing the aggregate audit log.

Compliance Workflows

Use Blissfully's built-in SOC2 audit prep and GDPR review workflows, or build your own for a repeatable compliance process.