Why isn't Last Seen updating with usage?

Last Seen reflects different things depending on the app in question and how users access it.

In most cases, like with G Suite SSO, Last Seen is the last time the user logged in. If an app allows users to stay signed in for a long time, Last Seen may be months behind compared to the last date of usage.

For apps where users are signing in with Okta, Last Seen is the last date of usage. The same applies for Salesforce and Zendesk if you have activated the integration in Blissfully.

Can Blissfully detect username + password logins?

Blissfully cannot detect logins that do not use some form of SSO. However, Blissfully can detect usage in other ways, like an email invoice sent to a person.

Is Blissfully SOC2 compliant?

Yes! If you'd like to see our report, contact us using the chat bubble at the bottom of your screen.