Audit Logs

Detailed event logs for security and compliance
Our audit logs track key user activities and automated events in Blissfully for all System of Record entities. These activities are recorded in an event stream that can be viewed in aggregate under our Security & Compliance header, as well as on individual entity records. Audit Logs are handy tools for helping you track changes over time, inspect suspicious activity, and are required for compliance in many cases.
Note: Audit Log functionality was released on April 12, 2021. If your Blissfully account was created before April 12, 2021, your audit logs will show history only back to April 12, 2021; if your account was created after April 12, 2021, your audit logs will show the full history of your account.

View aggregate logs for System of Record entities

Blissfully currently supports aggregate logs for Apps, People, Teams, and Devices. These can be found in the Security and Compliance section, under "Audit Logs". The following events are captured in our audit logs:
App/Org Relationship Created, App/Person Relationship Created, App/Person Relationship Removed, App License Detected, App Subscription Detected, App/Person Relationship Created, App/Team Relationship Created, App/Team Relationship Removed, App Created, App Property Updated, App File Upload, App License Created, App License Deleted , App License Updated, App License Assigned, App License Revoked, App Subscription Created, App Subscription Archived
Person Created, Person Created Google, Person Created CSV, Person Workflow launched, Person Property Updated, Person/App Relationship Created, Person/App Relationship Removed, Person/Device Relationship Created, Person/Device Relationship Removed
Team Created via Sync, Team Created, Team Created CSV, Team/App Relationship Created, Team/App Relationship Removed, Team/Person Relationship Created, Team/Person Relationship Created CSV, Team/Person Relationship Removed, Team Property Updated
Device/Person Relationship Created, Device Created, Device Created CSV, Device/Person Relationship Removed Device Property Updated Device Status Updated, Device Archived

View the history of a specific record

If you want to view the event history of an individual record (e.g. Zoom), navigate to the record detail page and click on the History tab. For example, you can use this log in order to easily see exactly when a license was initially assigned to one of your employees.

View the tasks a user has performed

You can find the audit log for the specific tasks an individual user has made in the Person details screen. As an example, let's see the tasks "Super Admin" has done. Either search for Super Admin in the global search or navigate to their record through the People link in the nav bar. Once there, click the Activity tab that will display all tasks made by the Super Admin user.

Filtering & Exporting Audit Logs

All of our Audit Logs—aggregate, individual records, and user activity—are filterable by Time, Actor, Event Type, or IP Address, and can be exporting in CSV format.

COMING SOON - Restoring a previous property value

The previous state of a field property value is captured in each time-stamped event. This is convenient if you make a mistake and can't remember the previous state (what was that renewal date again?) or if a malicious actor changes the data on a record unexpectedly. To view and restore the previous value of a field, find the record in the log and click the Rewind Time icon.