Access Management

See who has access to what and why for all apps used at your or


Blissfully combines a wide range of access detection techniques to find and categorize relationships, your employees have with apps. We utilize data from SSO, a host of integrations, and email parsing to identify who's using what.
To confirm expected access, Blissfully considers the apps a person is accessing and compares that to the apps associated with the teams they are on. Finally, Blissfully matches app access workflows to apps and people.


Understanding the status of an employee's relationship with a specific app helps you identify potential security and compliance risks with ease. Blissfully has four status options:
  1. 1.
    Approved: The employee has access, as intended
  2. 2.
    Optional: The employee is allowed access, but does not need it and currently does not have it
  3. 3.
    Needs Provisioning: The employee should have access, but does not
  4. 4.
    Unintended: The employee has access, but should not
Every team has an access matrix in its Access tab. The access matrix shows all team members, all apps assigned to the team, and the status at each intersection:
Green for Approved, blue for Optional, orange for Needs Provisioning, red for Unintended
Hovering over the icon at the intersection of a row and column shows the reasoning behind the status:

App Access Workflows

While most access comes from team or role assignment, some people may need access to an app for reasons not otherwise reflected in Blissfully. Utilizing app access workflows when granting app access outside of onboarding, helps keep clean records for auditing purposes and helps enforce process.
Every app has its own app access workflow in Blissfully. To view, edit, or launch an app access workflow, open the app detail view and head to Workflows:
The default workflow contains just one task: provision app. If you want multiple approvals, need the recipient to complete a training, or have any other particular requirements, edit the template and add custom tasks.
Use the link below for further information on customizing workflows.