Set up your onboarding plans and workflows in Blissfully.

Getting started

Blissfully's onboarding workflows allow you to ensure that all of the tasks required to onboard new employees are clearly assigned and completed so that they're up and running as quickly as possible. To begin configuring your onboarding process in Blissfully, you'll need the following pieces of information:

  • Teams and members

  • Apps that are used by each team

  • Provisioners for apps

  • Other onboarding tasks that you want to track in Blissfully

Setting up your teams and their members

Blissfully uses Teams as important organizing principle to group employees in the same department. Teams in Blissfully can be viewed from the Teams page and members can be added on each Team's Member tab

Members can be manually added to a Team by search for them using the "Add Person to Team" field. Blissfully also has several sync or import options to setup your teams and their members, including:

  • Syncing teams from G Suite Organizational Units

  • Syncing teams from Okta Groups

  • Importing teams from BambooHR Departments

  • Importing teams from Google Groups

  • Importing teams from a csv file

Syncing teams from G Suite OUs and Okta Groups can be found in your the G Suite Automation and Okta integration settings respectively. Please reach out to the Customer Success team if you are interested in one of our import options.

Employees can be a member of as many teams in Blissfully as needed - it does not need to be a 1:1 relationship. Blissfully recommends creating an All Employees team and an All Contractors team as well.

Customizing each team's onboarding plan

Once you've created your teams, the next step will be to customize each team's onboarding plan. Navigate to each team's onboarding plan by going to the Onboarding tab on a Team Details page

Alternatively you can find each team's onboarding plan from by clicking the Edit icon for the Onboarding Workflow on the Gallery page

For each team's onboarding plan, you'll be able to add tasks that will need to be completed each time an employee is onboarded to that team. To add tasks to a team's onboarding plan, click the "+ Add Task" button on the top right.

You'll be able to select from a few different types of tasks, including:

Assigning App IT Admins

The last requirement for configuring Blissfully's onboarding plan is to ensure that all tasks are assigned to the correct owner. Blissfully recommends assigning all app provisioning tasks to the App IT Admin role so it's easy to see and view all IT Admins from the Apps page when appropriate. This way if an App IT Admin leaves the company, updating that role will ensure that all downstream onboarding tasks are reassigned to the correct person.

The App IT Admin can be set from by clicking the edit button on the righthand side of reach app on the Apps page.

Alternatively, it can be set on the Overview tab of the App Details page of each app. You can find the Details page of each app by searching for them in Blissfully.

Launching an onboarding workflow

Once your teams are defined, onboarding plans customized, and IT Admins set, you're ready to begin onboarding employees with Blissfully. Onboarding workflows can be launched from the Workflow Gallery. Note that only Admins users of Blissfully can launch onboarding workflows.

To launch an onboarding workflow, you'll need to input some information about the new employee joining your company. If you're using Blissfully to create the user's G Suite account (G Suite Automation integration required), you'll need to enter the employee's new company email address, first and last name, and personal email address to receive the account password.

If the employee's G Suite account has already been created, you can just search for their accounting under the "Existing person" option.

Next you'll need to input the employee's start date as well as their employment type. Note that this date will be referenced by any "Due" and "Start after" dates for onboarding tasks that are keyed off the employee start date.

You will then be able to select all the teams that the employee will be joining. You can unselect apps from the Required column and select apps from the Optional column to customize the apps that will be included in the employee's onboarding workflow.

You can then review a draft of the onboarding workflow with all of the tasks pulled in from the different teams that the employee will be joining. Here you'll be able to add comments to any tasks as well as remove tasks if needed before launching the workflow.

Upon launching the workflow, all task owners will receive a summary email of all of the tasks they have been assigned for the employee's onboarding workflow. As they complete their tasks, they can return to Blissfully to mark the task as complete.