Manually Adding Spend Transactions

In order to either upload a CVS file of transactions or manually add individual transactions, you must first have access to the “Upload CSVs of Transactions” functionality within the “Blissfully Labs” page.
Info Box: Due to the sensitive nature of financial information, access to this piece of functionality is turned off by default -- if you need access, please reach out to Blissfully Customer Support.
Once you click “Try it”, you’ll be brought to the “Transaction Files” page:
Click the blue “+ Upload” button in the top right, and a popup window will appear where you can either:
  • Click the blue “Upload data from file” button to upload a CSV file
  • Manually add individual transactions in the table on the bottom half of the page
Info Box: Regardless of which method you choose, “Transaction Date”, “Amount (USD)”, and “Memo” are all required fields. Furthermore, the format for the Transaction date is: YYYY-MM-DD.
Once you’ve added your transaction(s), clicked “Upload to Blissfully”, and confirmed “Yes” in the confirmation box that pops-up, you’ll be brought back to the “Transaction Files” page where you’ll now see a singular line item for the record of the transactions you just uploaded.
Info Box: even if there were multiple transactions, you’ll still only see one line item recording the upload event.