Who's a person?

An individual involved in your organization's operation is considered "Person". For the majority of people, these are full-time employees. However, Blissfully can track contractors, interns, and other external individuals involved your operations.

A person is considered a unique real-world identity, to which various accounts, roles, and privileges can be assigned.

Where people come from

Blissfully sources the notion of a person from any number of accounts detected across any number of systems. We then combine related accounts into a single Person, usually using each account's email to let us know they are related.

Categorizing People

People are categorized into one of four types: Employee, Contractor, Service account, and Unknown.

Employees are full time, typically W2 filing individuals.

Contractors are more loosely affiliated individuals, who nevertheless hold accounts in key systems.

Service accounts are not really people at all! Classifying a person as a Service account lets Blissfully know that the underlying accounts related to this "person" are accounts used for system management, and don't belong to a real individual. We use this signal to de-clutter these accounts from your dashboard, and to remove them from the billing calculations for our service.

People who haven't yet been categorized, are Unknown until we are informed otherwise.