Apps (and Vendors)

The tools (and their companies) you People and Teams use to get things done.

What we consider an app

Blissfully maintains a broad catalog of various apps. An app can represent almost any piece of technology, our only requirement is that we have some method to uniquely identify it.

For the vast majority or apps, we use a URL to uniquely identify each. However, this is not the only method. For instance, when we discover apps via a Google auth-token signature, we use the Google Client ID as the unique identifier until we are able to reconcile it to a URL. (The same is true for apps discovered via other SSO integrations such as SAML, Okta, OneLogin, etc.)

What we consider a vendor

The line between an app and a vendor is hard to precisely define. In many cases a SaaS vendor is identical to the app they sell & the service they provide (such as Blissfully!). Sometimes, a vendor is a legal entity that sells many apps and services, such as Microsoft and their vast constellation of software & service offerings. Confusingly, sometimes a vendor provides an eponymous service, and yet is also the legal entity that sells a variety of other apps and services. In order to model these various relationships, Blissfully allows for apps to belong to a "parent app" if they are owned by an entity of another name.

We define a "vendor" as any app that isn't owned by some other entity, that is to say, any app that is a "root level" app, that may or may not have children apps. Because this is the most common case, Blissfully may sometimes refer to apps and vendors somewhat interchangeably. However, in cases where clarity is required, our interface will make clear data directly attributable to an app, or data aggregated from its children.

Custom apps

Our users can manually add a new app to their account. All that is required is a name and a URL by which to identify it.

Enriching apps

Blissfully routinely upgrades our catalog with information about the various apps we track. If you find an app that isn't yet enriched, or has incorrect data, please let us know! We can rapidly prioritize and turn around new enrichments based on user feedback. Furthermore, we can escalate & enrich custom apps into first-class apps in our catalog.