Workflow Collaboration

Divvy up and collaborate on workflows with tasks + task assignment


Blissfully lets you plan and execute repeatable processes for important areas like employee lifecycle and vendor lifecycle using workflows.

The tasks that compose workflows can belong to any person at the company, allowing you to collaborate with and engage every stakeholder every time.

Task Assignment

Every task in a workflow plan has an assignee. To edit the task assignee, find the desired workflow plan on Workflows > Gallery, then hit the Edit button that appears when you hover over the desired workflow plan in the list. Depending on the workflow you select, you may also need to pick the version you're interested in. For example, if you want to edit the assignee in an onboarding workflow plan, you'll need to pick the appropriate team.

Once you see a list of tasks, select the desired task and hit Edit.

Editing a task in the built-in Vendor Approval workflow plan

There are three types of possible assignee: role, specific person, and specific team.

The options above "Specific Person" are all roles


Blissfully has several roles available on workflows, apps, and organizations:

  • Workflow Initiator: the person who launches the workflow

  • App IT Admin: the IT Admin set on the app, specifically on the Overview tab of the app detail view

  • App Owner: the Owner set on the app, specifically on the Overview tab of the app detail view

  • IT Lead: the IT Lead set in Settings > General‚Äč

  • Team Lead: the Team Lead set on the team detail view

  • Onboardee: the person being onboarded

The exact roles available for assignment depend on the workflow the task is in. Generally, Blissfully's built-in workflow plans use roles for assignments.

When you launch the workflow in question, Blissfully will look at who is currently in each role and assign that person to the task accordingly. The launched workflow will only have people assigned, it will not give a role.

Workflow Initiator was replaced by the initiator of the workflow at launch

Specific Person or Team

For custom tasks, often a specific person or team is the appropriate choice. For example, if an onboarding workflow has a step to take a headshot, you might assign an office manager or the HR team.

When you select Specific Person or Specific Team in the "Assigned To" menu, you will then be able to search the list of people or teams, respectively.


Blissfully will send a notification email to anyone with an assigned task when you launch the workflow.

Additionally, Blissfully sends reminders of open tasks to anyone with at least one open task every Monday morning.