Work together on IT, Finance, HR, and more
SaaS isn't confined to just one department - it lives amongst your entire organization. Work cross-functionally and bring all stakeholders together with Blissfully's collaboration features.


Blissfully's ticketing tool allows anyone at the company to submit requests using templates you control and provide. Combine tickets with workflows to escalate requests into workflows and keep clear records of why work happened.

Workflow Collaboration

Blissfully lets you plan and execute repeatable processes for important areas like employee lifecycle and vendor management using workflows. The tasks that compose workflows can belong to any person at the company, allowing you to collaborate with and engage all relevant stakeholders.

Employee Portal

Give employees a look into your library of apps and your workflows with the employee portal. Employees can also use the portal to access their tasks, making everyone a part of the process.

Team Management

Assign Team Leads to teams and Managers to employees to reflect your org chart and assign work appropriately. Now, in Blissfully's ticket system, you are able to require approval from a manager prior to other stakeholders being informed.


This feature is currently in beta. Please contact your account manager if you would like access.
Role-based access control lets you invite stakeholders in while maintaining the principle of least privilege.