Employee Portal

Your employee's command center is used to manage their tools, tasks, and requests.
By default, all people at your organization have access to Blissfully's employee portal. They simply need to log in to the application, with your organization's domain.

Getting Information

Employees can see their app assignments, separated by team. If Blissfully has not detected the employee accessing an assigned app, it will give the employee the option to launch a request access ticket:
The employee portal shows the employee's teams and assigned apps

Discovering Apps

You may optionally enable the Discover Apps feature in Settings > General > Employee Portal. Enabling Discover Apps allows employees to search for apps by name or category, then request app approval (if the app is not in use at the org) or app access (for apps not currently in use at your organization).
Discover Apps advises and directs employees based on app status. For example, if you've marked an app as Active, Blissfully will signal to employees that the app is in use and that they can request access. We recommend completing initial configuration before activating Discover Apps.
Searching for CRMs in Discover Apps, with the appropriate requests employees can make

Viewing Devices

With the My Devices page, employees can view any devices checked out to them.

Submitting Requests

We recommend reviewing and setting up ticketing before reading this section.
Employees can submit, review, and check the status of their requests on the My Tickets page of their portal. Remember, employees can only submit the tickets you've configured for their teams in Ticketing > Gallery.
The screenshots above show two additional places employees can submit tickets: their homepage, where they can request access to tools they've been assigned but not provisioned; and Discover Apps, where they can request app approval (for new apps) or access (for org approved apps).
Additionally, employees can work on tickets they've been assigned or have drafted. Similar to workflow tasks, employees can tag others in ticket comments. The tagged person will receive the message and a direct link to the ticket via email. They receive permission to collaborate on the ticket and will have acces to view and leave additional comments. All subsequent comments on the ticket will notify everyone tagged in the conversation.

Completing Tasks

We recommend reviewing workflow collaboration before reading this section.
Anyone at the company can be assigned tasks in workflows. Those without Blissfully admin access can view and complete their tasks on the My Tasks page of their portal.
Note that employees can only see the general workflow information at the top of the workflow's page and any tasks they are assigned on the workflow. Any other tasks present on the workflow are not visible to the employee, whereas they are visible for admin users.