Connect Blissfully with your data sources and automate many apps.
Blissfully can integrate with a wide range of data sources. Broadly, we divide integrations into a few categories, although some integrations, like our basic G Suite integration, provide functionality from many categories.
The more integrations you tie together with Blissfully, the more complete the picture of your organization we will be able to present to you, and the more work we can take off your plate.
At a minimum, we suggest at least one Accounting & Finance integration and one Single Sign On integration to build an accurate picture of your SaaS applications.

Accounting & Finance

Sources of transactions representing SaaS spend allow Blissfully yet another method of discovering your relationship to the cloud, as well as the ability to report on your per-app spend over time. Blissfully can intake and reconcile financial transactions from different data sources to match it to your apps and provide a holistic view of company SaaS spend.
Blissfully is focused on sourcing vendor expenses transactions only and data access permission for some accounting systems can be customized. In the event that your particular accounting system is not yet supported, we can incorporate data from uploaded CSVs of transactions. Blissfully currently supports:

Single Sign-On (SSO) providers

SSO providers offer information about which people in your organization are using which applications, and in many cases, how frequently and recently they have done so.
Blissfully will integrate your SSO access logs with your Blissfully apps and people to show app login activity and overall usage. Blissfully can also sync groups from select SSO providers as Team within the application. Blissfully currently supports:

Automation integrations

When your list of to-dos grows faster than your ability to do it, we invite you to integrate Blissfully to take over much of the burden! We are able to automate a wide range of tasks, including account creation, application provisioning, license assignment, group/role management, backup and de-provisioning, and more. If our growing catalog of automations is still not enough, we can drive custom external APIs, or allow you to integrate against our own. Blissfully currently supports:

License management

Many popular (and expensive) applications are priced via the sale of bulk per-user licenses. Managing every last license assignment, particularly reclaiming under-utilized assignments, is hard to do at scale. With our License management integrations, Blissfully can clearly surface savings opportunities, and in some cases, automatically manage them efficiently for you. For each app, Blissfully will pull in license usage across your company and user activity. Blissfully currently supports:


Onboarding and offboarding employees in a SaaS-heavy environment require close collaboration between IT/Security teams and HR/People teams. Connect your HRIS with Blissfully to streamline the employee onboarding and offboarding process. Blissfully can alert you when a new employee joins the company or an offboarding is required, as well as import your teams from your HRIS. Blissfully currently supports: