One of Blissfully's foundational integrations, providing visibility into people, apps, and licenses.


Microsoft is one of Blissfully's foundational integrations and provides a wide range of capabilities. This integration is read-only and does not have permission to affect your organization.

SaaS Graph Visibility

The integration can read people records from Azure Active Directory and merge them with people records in Blissfully.
Similarly, the integration can read Microsoft product license assignments and apps defined in Azure Active Directory. Organizations on higher tiers of Microsoft 365 can also see all login activity detected for both types of software.
Blissfully automatically tracks licenses for key Microsoft apps
Combining all that produces a view of your SaaS graph, letting you uncover shadow IT, understand license usage, spot permissions mismatches, and more.

Coming Soon

We're working on syncing teams from Azure Active Directory to enrich the SaaS graph. In the meantime, check out our other options for creating teams in Blissfully.
We're also working on automations for onboarding + offboarding people in Microsoft 365.


To begin installation, you must be a Microsoft administrator.
To install the Microsoft integration:
  1. 2.
    Hit Integrate
  2. 3.
    Complete the resulting OAuth flow
Once the installation is complete, review the App Bindings for any Microsoft app your organization uses that has no corresponding Blissfully app listed. Matching apps between Microsoft and Blissfully unlocks the SaaS graph visibility described above.


Head to Integrations > Microsoft > Remove Integration and hit Remove Integration.