In order to integrate Okta, we’ll need your API URL & an API Token generated for us. Instructions for token generation are here.

As per the docs, you may wish to create the token in the context of a special service account to ensure it has the permissions we need (and no more). As of now, we need the following read-only access:

  • "View users” - enumerate users, so we can match to our notion of users

  • "View applications or application instances” - enumerate applications, so we can match to our notion of apps

  • "View System Log” - determine app usage by person)

Once you've generated the token, input those tokens here.

When that is compete, it'll take about 24 hours to process before any data will be available/visible. We then recommend reviewing the app bindings and adding any Blissfully did not automatically match.

If you wish to sync teams to Blissfully from Okta Teams, enable team sync.