Integration Permissions
Detailed information about the default permissions enabled by our Google Workspace Marketplace app and additional scopes for Google Automation.
Installing Blissfully's Google Workspace integration via the Google Workspace Marketplace app will ask for a set of permissions. This is our default permission set that unlocks the full read-only Google Workspace capabilities of Blissfully. We can customize our approach depending on how you value various features.

Base Permission Settings

Allows Blissfully
Scope & Permission
Enable advanced invoice/receipt detection.
  • View your email messages.
  • Search your email messages.
  • View your settings. (e.g., filters and labels)
Admin - Directory User Security
Uncover OAuth logins & relationships to apps, including which fine-grained Google Workspace permissions they were granted.
  • View and manage data access permissions for users on your domain
Admin - Audit Reports
  • View audit reports of admin and user activity in your G Suite domain. (e.g., password change events and document view events)
Admin - Directory User
Allows Blissfully to enumerate all Google Workspace accounts and add them to our System of Record.
  • View access to user profile info on the domain such as names, emails, addresses, phone numbers, metadata, including user's role, manager info, and last login time.
Google Workspace Admin - Usage Reports
Enables Blissfully to track account login activity and native Google Workspace app/license usage/assignment.
  • View reports of how users are using Google apps within your G Suite domain. (e.g., number of users and quantity of emails sent by each user)

Google Workspace Automation Integration

In addition to the default permission settings, Google Workspace Automation Integration requires additional scopes to enable specific automated features in Blissfully.
Allows Blissfully
Scope & Permission
Automation - Data transfer
Reassign Drive files to another user during offboarding.,
Automation - Directory Group
Add/remove users from Google Groups/Organization Units during onboarding and offboarding.,,,
Automation - Calendars
Transfer Calendar data during offboarding.,
Automation - Backup
Allows Blissfully to backup Drive files and reassign them to another user during offboarding,,,
  • Note: We require Vault licenses on the user account to generate the Backup.
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