G Suite

One of Blissfully's foundational integrations, providing visibility into people, apps, and spend.


G Suite is one of Blissfully's foundational integrations and provides a wide range of capabilities. This integration is read-only and does not have permission to affect your organization. (However, if you are looking to automate G Suite, please see our separate G Suite Automation Integration)

Single Sign on

The G Suite integration allows for seamless login for the people in your organization, whether they Admins accessing the entire Blissfully application, or employees accessing the Employee Portal. No special provisioning logic is required for the Employee portal.

SaaS Graph Visibility

Integrating G Suite provides many forms of visibility into your organization:

  • Visibility of the people in your organization

  • Visibility into the apps authenticated with G Suite, including granular permissions

  • Visibility into spend via invoice/receipt email detection

Team Sync

Blissfully can sync your G Suite Organizational Units or Google Groups into Teams. Team sync creates and keeps updated all your Blissfully teams based on your OUs/Groups.


To begin installation, you must be a G Suite Domain Administrator. If you know of someone in your organization who can create G Suite Accounts, they are likely an administrator.

First, visit the G Suite Marketplace Blissfully App, and choose Domain Install to begin installation. From there, you will be redirected back to Blissfully, and guided through next steps.

Choosing Individual Install will appear to work but results in a partial integration, unable to provide broad visibility into your organization. If you are interested in exploring more nuanced installations, please contact support.

After the app has detected you've installed the G Suite Marketplace app, it needs to confirm two other facts:

  • That are a G Suite domain administrator.

  • That API access to G Suite is enabled.

If the app instructs you to enable API access to G Suite, visit your G Suite Security Settings. (Tip: If you are asked to login, re-click this link to take you precisely where you need to be!) You should see an Enable API checkbox. Check it and select Save then return to the Blissfully App - the installation screen should confirm you're good to go!