Jamf Pro
Manage all of your hardware assets in one place with our Jamf Pro integration. Sync your computer and mobile device inventory to Blissfully, then manage your holder and purchasing data locally.
This integration is currently in Closed Beta. Contact your account representative if you are in interested in learning more about how to participate.


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    Login to your Jamf Pro account as a full access Administrator
  2. 2.
    Navigate to All Settings > System Settings > Jamf Pro User Accounts & Groups
  3. 3.
    Add a new User. Choose "Create Standard Account"
4. Choose a Username that is easy to remember, set the Privilege Set to "Custom", Access Status to "Enabled", then provide a Full Name and Password.
5. Switch to the Privileges tab and select READ and UPDATE for both "Computers" & "Mobile Devices,' as well as CREATE, READ and UPDATE for "Users", then save your new integration User. We require the minimum amount of privilege for this integration.
6. Navigate to Blissfully's integration center and click on the Jamf Pro card under "All Integrations"
7. Input the Username and Password you just created in Jamf, as well as your subdomain. Next, decide how you would like user data to sync between the two systems. Blissfully uses the concept of a Holder to denote the individual who currently has possession of a device. Jamf has a similar concept that can be found in the User and Location section of their device detail screen.
When you first import your inventory, data from Jamf's User and Location section will automatically populate the Holder field in Blissfully. After the initial sync, you will have two go-forward operations, as described below.
Configuration Options
Manage device holder in Blissfully
Choose this option if you want to manage your device holders in Blissfully. Any time you change the Holder in Blissfully, it will automatically push the data into Jamf’s User and Location fields in realtime. Changes made to the User data inside of Jamf will NOT get populated back into Blissfully.
Manage device holder in Jamf
Choose this option if you want to manage user assignment completely inside Jamf. Once per day, User and Location data from Jamf will populate the Holder field in Blissfully. The Holder field in Blissfully will be disabled. Any changes you would like to make to the Holder must be made in Jamf.
8. Success! Your inventory will begin to sync into Blissfully. This typically only takes a few minutes but allow up to 24 hours for very large data sets.
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