Import your SaaS spend from Xero into Blissfully.

On request, Blissfully can import your SaaS spend from Xero, integrating it into your broader data set.

Unfortunately, Xero does support a lasting integration. You'll need to trigger a new Xero import whenever you'd like to bring your data up to date. We recommend doing so monthly, and a calendar reminder never hurts!

Make sure a Xero administrator is an invited user of Blissfully, and have them complete the steps below:

  1. Click the Integrate to begin.

  2. In Xero's app, confirm Allow access for 30 minutes

  3. You'll be returned to Blissfully.

That's it! Blissfully will begin importing your historical payments from Xero, auto-reconciling transactions to known SaaS vendors when our system has confidence. If you need to, you can always review & control our interpretation of each transaction via our Accounting Reconciliation page.

Later, when you'd like to import new transactions, simply return to the Xero integration page and click Sync.

There is no need to explicitly disconnect Xero, as the access is short-lived. If you'd like to purge all previously imported data, we're happy to help, just contact Customer Success.