Integrate your Intacct data with Blissfully to identify SaaS spend across your organization.

Integrating Intacct with Blissfully

Integrating Intacct’s accounting data into Blissfully will require an Intacct administrator capable of creating new Users and Roles, assigning permissions, and performing Web Services authorizations. Ideally, this same person is a user inside Blissfully (even if temporarily) in order to input the required information they’ll create during this process. Afterwards, they can remain or be removed from Blissfully.
Alternatively, they can share the user authorization data they create with a Blissfully user, however, great care should be taken to ensure the keys are fully encrypted in transit, and deleted from any disk(s) afterwards.
NOTE: We do not yet pre-validate your secret key information when entered into Blissfully. If it is entered incorrectly, we won’t know until later, so please double check the data you collect & ultimately enter into Blissfully.

Configure Intacct with Role Based Permission

Make sure Web Services is enabled

  1. 1.
    From the main dropdown: Company -> Subscriptions
  2. 2.
    Scroll down to Web Services and make sure it is checked.

Create a Blissfully API Role

  • From the main dropdown: Company -> Admin tab -> Click + next to Roles
  • In the name field enter “Blissfully API”
  • Click "View Subscriptions" subscriptions then check “Accounts Payable” and click “permissions”
  • In the permissions screen click “Read Only”
  • In addition to the default" Read Only" permissions, select "List" and "View" for "Payment Requests" then Save (note: toggling between "None", "Read Only", "All" will reset any additional changes to the permissions)

Create a Web Services User

We recommend creating a Web Services User. We will be able to ensure that the correct permissions are enabled. A non-web service user might also change passwords unexpectedly or have too many or too few permissions which might expose more data/permissions than intended or disable the integration.
Go to the Company tab and click the + next to Web Services users
Fill in the following
  • User ID: “Blissfully”
  • First Name / Last Name: “Blissfully”
  • Email address: your email where you can receive the Web Service User’s sensitive credentials
  • User type: "Business"
  • Admin privileges: “Partial”
  • Status: "Active"
  • Under the "Roles information" tab find the "Blissfully API" role created earlier and select it and "save".
You should have received an email with:
  • Sage Intacct Company ID: MyCompany
  • User ID: Blissfully
  • Password: **********
We will use these three pieces of data to integrate with Blissfully. Also, it is a good idea at this time to return to the Web Service User created earlier and change the password for security purposes.

Web Services Authorization

Next you'll need to authorize Blissfully to access your Intacct account via Web Services. From the Main Menu, go to "Company" and under the Setup tab click "Company"
Click on the "Security" tab and then click on the "Edit" button the upper right part of the screen.
Next scroll down to "Web Services Authorizations" and enter "BlissfullyMPP" as the Sender ID and "Blissfully SaaS Management" as the description. Finally click "Save". Please ensure that the Sender ID and Description are spelled exactly as noted as the integration will not work otherwise.

Configure Blissfully

Now, log into Blissfully and visit our Intacct Integrations page. Since you’re the first, you’ll see “Not Connected”, and Connect button. Click the Connect button, and copy over the values from your email.
Heads up! When you hit Save the sensitive information will not be visible inside Blissfully ever again (for security purposes).
Go ahead and click “Save” - Blissfully will begin incorporating your Intacct data into your account. It may take up to 24 hours for the data to be visible.
As always, if you need any assistance, please let our Customer Success team know, and we'd be glad to help!
Last modified 1yr ago