Integrate your Concur data with Blissfully to identify SaaS spend across your organization.

How to enable your Concur integration

To enabled this integration, a Concur admin and a Web Services Subscription to Concur are required

Confirm your Web Services subscription

In the upper right hand corner under the Administration drop down, click Company > Web Services.
If you do not see Web Services in the list, you will need to manually export transactions from Concur and import them into Blissfully. Contact us by live chat or email for details.

Request your Web Services credentials

Email your Concur support rep asking for your Web Service credentials and include the email addresses that should receive the credentials. Confirm that you do not need a consulting call and just need to receive the credentials.
Your Concur rep will then email you those credentials. Note: Concur has a policy to not email the credentials to anyone outside of your organization.

Enter your Concur credentials into Blissfully

Once you have received your Concur credentials, head over to the Concur integration page in Blissfully. Please copy the following fields into Blissfully:
  • Client ID
  • Secret ID
  • Username
  • Password
  • Region (this should match the region in the Authorization URL in Concur and be one of US, CN, or EMEA)
After you enter the credentials hit the "Create Integration" button. It can take up to 24 hours for your Concur transactions to sync and show up in your Blissfully account.
Last modified 1yr ago