Troubleshooting Amex authorization
How to successfully manage Amex authorizations.
For those of you who discover issues or error messages while managing your American Express authorization, fear not, a workaround is available. It requires clearing any pending prompts in the Amex mobile app.
  • First, download the American Express mobile app to your iPhone. Sorry Android users, our banking vendor currently requires the iOS app to manage these issues.
  • Open the app, and log into the American Express app with the same credentials you would use on the web.
  • Make sure that any prompts that appear (like terms of service, or update notifications) are accepted & cleared, and that you are in the main app.
  • Return to Blissfully Bank & Credit Card Integration page and re-attempt the American Express integration. If this works, congratulations, you may now remove American Express from your phone.
Once you have successfully logged into the iOS Amex app and established the connection, please return to the Blissfully UI and try to connect your financial data again.
If all else fails, please reach out to us at [email protected], and we will work with you to troubleshoot the issue!
Last modified 2yr ago
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