Bank & Credit Card
Integrate bank and credit card transaction data into Blissfully

What value do I get from integrating bank and credit card with Blissfully?

Integrating your bank or credit cards with Blissfully will allow you to categorize & view spend data into Blissfully, building a complete picture of your overall SaaS spend. Many SaaS subscriptions are paid with a company credit card and can be directly tied to a specific vendor. It also allows you to capture and track apps that don't send recognizable billing emails.
Blissfully offers two options for integrating bank and credit card transaction data into your SaaS spend:
  1. 1.
    Link your bank or credit card account to Blissfully via Plaid
  2. 2.
    Download your transactions as CSV files and upload into Blissfully

Option 1: Direct integration via Plaid

Using your credit card company login credentials, you can go to the Bank & Credit Card Integration page on Blissfully to select your bank or credit card provider and log-in. Blissfully uses a service called Plaid to access the transaction data that is used to enhance your SaaS spend data. Blissfully does not store your login credentials and cannot access your account/credit card number or other account information. For users using this option to link their American Express, please see our Amex Authorization guide for common questions.
Note: Direct Integration with Plaid is only available for financial institutions in the US and Canada

Option 2: CSV export and upload

Logging in to your bank or credit card company's online portal, there will typically be an option to download your historical credit card transaction data as CSV files. Once you have downloaded those files, you can contact us here in the chat or at [email protected] and we can assist you to upload that information to update your SaaS spend data in Blissfully.
Last modified 2mo ago