How do I export a workflow audit log?

To export a workflow audit log, open the workflow and click on the ... menu in the top-right corner. Select the Download Audit Log option. You should receive a CSV containing all the information from the workflow.

Can I edit an existing workflow?

Editing workflows is possible in limited ways. Specifically, you can edit any existing task, and you can add a new simple task.
Other edits, like renaming the workflow or changing the start date on an onboarding workflow, are not currently possible. We recommend archiving the workflow in question and launching a new one with the correct information.

Can I add followers to a workflow or task?

No. Only people involved with the workflow, like the creator and the task assignees, will receive notifications about a workflow.

My onboardee's start date has changed. How do I ensure the onboardee receives the welcome email on the right date?

Changing the send date of the automated welcome email is currently not possible. We recommend archiving the current onboarding workflow and relaunching a new one with the correct start date.

Will Blissfully check if we have enough G Suite licenses before creating a G Suite account in onboarding?

No, we recommend checking you have sufficient licenses before launching the onboarding workflow.