Spend & Transactions

How does Blissfully handle the same transaction from multiple sources?

Transactions appearing in multiple sources are common. For example, you may receive an invoice via email and record the payment in QuickBooks.
Blissfully can detect when line items from different sources refer to the same transaction. Wherever the transaction appears, such as the Spend tab of an app detail page, Blissfully will list the line items and sources referring to the transaction.

Blissfully linked a transaction to the wrong application. How can I correct this?

We offer an experimental accounting transaction tool that allows you to assign, update and remove transactions associated with an application.
The Accounting Transaction tool is available on a request basis. Please reach out to Blissfully Support under live chats or email [email protected] if you'd like to try the lab tool.
Navigate to Blissfully > Labs.
Transactions from your Accounting integrations are listed here. The tool does not support email detected invoices and spend records.
All transactions dropdown allows you to find matched and unmatched transactions. You can search for keywords and/or Filter by source.
You can edit or add an app association for individual records by clicking on the App and selecting the correct app.
For recurring transactions, navigate to the Rules tab. Click on + New and create a logic to assign the app to all existing and future transactions.